Lot 054

b. The Philippines, 1970


Signed and dated 'KIKO ESCORA 2008' (lower left)
Oil on canvas
151.5cm x 124cm

Private Collection, Singapore.

ESTIMATE  RM 12,000 -18,000


Figurative painter Kiko Escora is featured at Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers auction for the first time with a larger-thanlife portrait illustrating a young man perhaps wiping off his sweat on his forehead with his striking pink t-shirt worn beneath a grey sweatshirt. He is renowned for depicting individual portraits of his immediate circle usually with their heads turned away or faces concealed in order to create anonymity and to shift the viewer’s focus on their gestures and poses. Amidst the sepia-toned and solarised landscape background, Kiko’s clever use of contrast and composition provide an intriguing inquisition on the subject.

Kiko Escora is a Thirteen Artist Awardee of the Cultural Centre of the Philippines (2003) and has taken part in various solo and group exhibitions in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Korea and Indonesia. He has also participated in several art fairs in Singapore, Dubai, Miami, New York, Beijing and Hong Kong. He held his twenty-third solo exhibition titled Mono in Singapore in 2009.

Without Walls: A Tour of Philippine Paintings at the Turn of the Millennium, Winrum Publishing, 2010.