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Lot 04

b. Kedah, 1981


Signed ‘Siund' lower right
Oil on wood
44.3cm x 59.5cm

Private collection, Kuala Lumpur

ESTIMATE  RM 1,600 - 2,000

Siund Tan graduated from Curtin University of Technology, Australia with a Bachelor of Graphic Design in 2004. Relatively new to the Malaysian art scene, Siund is one to watch for his stylistic renditions that contain a surrealistic twist. The main themes in his artworks are that of personal childhood recollections and dreams painted in a mixture of fantasy and realism.

For an emerging artist, Siund has had a number of exhibitions in prominent galleries in Malaysia. In 2008, Siund exhibited in ‘Swash to Swarm’ at Findars Space in Annexe Gallery and has since participated in exhibitions and fairs such as ‘Rising Dream’ at NN Gallery in 2009, ‘Sama-sama Guesthouse’ at the Mini Alternative Art Festival Malacca in 2010, Art Expo Malaysia 2011 at MATRADE Exhibition and Convention Centre, Kuala Lumpur,  the 16th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition in Taiwan, ‘A Meter Diameter’ at House of Matahati in 2012 and Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair (AHAF) in Hong Kong.
Siund has gained recognition and is fast becoming one of Malaysia’s prominent and outstanding young artists. His achievements include being a finalist in the 16th Da Dun Fine Arts Exhibition in Taiwan and were the winner of the Malaysia Emerging Artist Award (MEAA) in 2011.

This oil painting shows a girl that appears to be caught in meditative contemplation, daydreaming while by her side a little bonsai tree is growing with a minuscule and peculiar man walking around it. Dream-like in nature, the work is consistent with Siund’s particular style which is quirky and eccentric in essence and illustrates the artist’s interest in depicting idiosyncratic scenes that show traces of his own experiences and visions.

Rising Dreams, NN Gallery, Kuala Lumpur 2008, illustrated in catalogue