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Lot 009

b. Johor, 1950


Signed and dated ‘Yusof ghani 97’ (lower right); signed,
titled and dated ‘Yusof ghani Topeng/Wayang - jugra II
1997’ (reverse)
Oil and charcoal on canvas
76cm x 61cm

Private collection, Kuala Lumpur;
acquired directly from the artist.

ESTIMATE  RM 12,000 - 15,000
A pair to Topeng/Wayang Jugra I, this work has a similar composition with a much less intimidating reflection of the soul. Yusof Ghani’s Topeng (Mask) tends to expose the ugly soul or niat (intentions) rather than at concealing them. This work is one of the post ‘double Topeng’ solos. Topeng/Wayang Jugra II expresses the interconnectivity of men and nature. The artist turns to nature with a reverential sense of symbolism and awareness of the divine manifestation that ‘all creatures reflect some aspect of the Divine, as an image is reflected in the mirror’, and man is just a shadow wanting to play the role of the player. This causes man to sink further into his own error, altruistically forcing man to confront their intentions and manipulation of nature.

Yusof Ghani studied in the United States at George Mason University where he obtained his Bachelor in Fine Art majoring in Graphic Design and later continued his Master of Fine Art in Washington D.C. at Catholic University. He was a lecturer and Associate Professior at UiTM (Universiti Teknologi MARA). His most sought after series namely Tari has been in the proud collection of museums, institutions and private collectors. His other well knows series include Topeng, Wayang, Hijau, Segerak and Biring. His body of works is best known to be in Abstract Expressionism is considered to be one of the best around.

Siri Tari: Topeng, Rusli Hashim Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, 1996.