Lot 012

b. Indonesia, 1971

LEGONG, 1999

Signed and dated 'ERICA '99' (lower middle)
Signed and dated on reverse
Acrylic on canvas
140cm x 140cm

Private Collection, Indonesia.

Erica, Art’s Most Playful Child, Amir Sidharta, Jakarta, 2001, illustrated.

ESTIMATE  RM 12,000 - 18,000


Erica is a celebrated Indonesian artist internationally gaining attention with her distinctive depiction of child-like fantasy in bold and vivid colours lures one into the magical imagination of her mind’s eye. Her theme is inspired by “situations, phenomenons, dreams and also everyday imaginations”.

Illustrated here is one of the many classical dances hailing from the Island of Gods, the Legong dance in the naïve signature style of the artist. A sophisticated form of art that is defined by the intricacy of finger movements, complex footwork and expressive gestures as well as facial expressions that pays particular attention to the motions of the eyes, Legong is traditionally performed by pre-adolescent girls and in sync with gamelan music. Legong dance has been highly developed since its origination in the 19th century as royal entertainment and now maintains its cultural form as a ceremonial performance.

Erica’s first exhibition of sketches was held at Taman Budaya (Cultural Park), Yogyakarta in 1990. She has then participated in a number of group shows including 32nd Year of the Sanggar Bambu at Widya Manggala, Yogyakarta (1991), Women Imaging Women at the Cultural Centre in the Philippines (1999) and To Russia with Art at Yayasan Seni Rupa Indonesia in Moscow, Russia (2000). Her most recent solo exhibition was held at Mondecor Museum and Art Gallery, Jakarta in conjunction with Chap Goh Meh festival in 2013.