Lot 099

b. Kuala Lumpur, 1975

NO. 8 PINK, 2004

Inscribed ‘No.8 Pink oil on canvas 180 x 180 2004’ and
signed ‘Eric Chan 2004’ on reverse
Oil on canvas
180cm x 180cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur.

Nightfalls, Valentine Willie Fine Art, Kuala Lumpur, 2006;
illustrated on front cover of exhibition catalogue.

ESTIMATE  RM 25,000 - 35,000
Eric Chan’s art draws from a diverse range of inspiration. His imagery is informed by historical archives, classical literature and art history as well as botanical illustration and printed text, although he is best known for his paintings which portray diffused imagery of interiors and nature. These dispersive images are reminiscent of Gerhard Richter’s photographic paintings which provoke thoughts on memories and the emergence of memories and recollection from the past. Photography is clearly a large influence in his practice as many of his works, No. 8 Pink included, utilise the photographic negative effect. This tonal inversion manages to lend the painting that feeling of recollection, as it brings to mind film photography and the connotations attached to photographic media - remembrance and past impressions. In this work of art, the feeling of dusk taking over the world with shadows starting to grow on leaves while light starts to disappear is particularly strong. The blurred out and diffusive nature of the piece gives it that ‘fleeting’ quality, the indistinct and fuzzy impressions that make up a memory.

This monumental piece is derived from his ninth solo exhibition titled Nightfalls (2006), which displayed a suite of 12 largescale paintings in mono and polychromatic palette. Seen in his work for instance, his palette numbered 8 is an exhibit of the colour pink. Other hues explored in this series, identified in numerics are Aubergine, Aqua, Violet Umber, Grey Umber, Warm Grey, Powder Blue, Black Grey, Warm Umber, Umber Shadow, Warm Black, and Cool Grey. Eric Chan was trained at LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, Singapore in 1996. He then pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT), Australia and attained a Master of Fine Arts (Painting) from RMIT in 2000. He has held more than 15 solo exhibitions across Asia since 2000: Flaunting - Paintings by Eric Chan, Singapore (2000), Out-Sight - Paintings by Eric Chan, Hong Kong (2002), Paintings by Eric Chan, the Philippines (2006) and most recently Balik Kampung, Kuala Lumpur (2012). His participation in group shows extends across the region from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Indonesia and Australia to Taiwan. He was the first artist to inaugurate the BMW corporate art series with the Singapore Tyler Print Institute in 2007.