Lot 024

b. Penang, 1981


Signed (lower left)
Oil on canvas
182m x 244cm; diptych;
183cm x 122cm each

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur.

Oeuvre of Movement No. 2 - Yang Tersembunyi,
Core Design Gallery, Selangor, 2011.

Oeuvre of Movement No. 2 M Shafarin Ghani,
Living Art, Art Highlight, Prestige Magazine,
October 2011; illustrated on page 242.

ESTIMATE  RM 16,000 - 20,000

Titled The Ninth, this epic diptych of a violent seascape is perhaps the artist’s visual interpretation of a classical composition of the 17th century, Symphony No. 9 by Ludwig van Beethoven. Dark indigo and Phthalo blue waters conjure up off-centre charging an electrifying rupture echoing the dramatic eruption of a volcano. The fiery red and orange of the seawater is reflected in the thunderous sky. A self-taught artist, M. Shafarin Ghani is a master in composing theatrical seascapes inspired by his passion for classical music. A poet and a violinist, the multi-talented painter expresses himself with great tenacity as exemplified here. His own music composition was played at the exhibition where this piece was displayed, an appropriate accompaniment for a soothing visual experience of his melodic paintings.

M. Shafarin Ghani describes his paintings as “an undulating harmonious sounds singing in the mind and vivid colours flowing in the eyes”. Using a chiaroscuro technique that has been used by illustrious artists such as Rembrandt, Shafarin’s paintings have an aura of dramatic atmosphere that are stirring and affecting to our inner psyches. His emotive works have granted him numerous exhibitions since 1997 at galleries such as the Penang State Art Gallery, Galeri Seni Mutiara and Core Design Gallery while also exhibiting abroad in Thailand in 1999. His one man shows included
Oeuvre of Movement No. 2 - Yang Tersembunyi, Selangor (2012), Oeuvre of movement No. 1, Selangor (2010), Dramatic Movement, Penang (2008), and his first solo exhibition at Zhong Hwa Art House, Penang (1998) at the age of 17. His harmonious painting titled Oeuvre XVIII (2010) was featured at The Young Contempo Auction by Henry Butcher in 2012.

Seascapes and Music article
, Art, The Star Metro, page M27,
6 August 2010.