Lot 023

b. Terengganu, 1967


Signed and dated 'Suzlee Ibrahim 2009' (centre left)
Mixed media on canvas
90cm x 90cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur.

ESTIMATE  RM 8,000 - 12,000

Like the Ombak series, the Monsoon series captures Suzlee Ibrahim’s childhood memories of the sea in Kuala Terengganu where he grew up. Located in the east coast of Peninsula Malaysia, the city experiences tropical monsoon climate with the heaviest rainfall at the end of each year. The artist witnessed the adversity of the kampung life with fishermen finding difficulties to make ends meet during this time. Unlike the Ombak series, his expressive gestures in the Monsoon series are vigorous, imitating the violent seasonal climate. Layers upon layers of red, yellow, green and white paint are applied with great force in broad and narrow brush strokes, employing drip technique championed by Abstract Expressionist maestro, Jackson Pollock, and finished off with bold charcoal outlines are the methods used by Suzlee Ibrahim to compose Energy. The outcome is a symphonic work of art balanced in its spirits. The rhythmic balance of colour splatters and splashes resemble his influence as Suzlee has stated: “I love the spontaneity of Jackson Pollock, the brushstrokes of de Kooning and Franz Kline’s composition. I’ve always refered to these artists, but now I’ve already established my own style.”

The prolific expressive painter has created a number of series over the years namely the Movement series (1998 - 2004), Belantara series (2003), Space series (2005 - 2006), Foundation series (2006), Ombak series (2007), Batik series (2007 - 2008), Root series (2008), Sakura series (2008 - 2009), Wall series (2008 - 2009), Melody series (2009), Monsoon series (2009 - 2010), Sahara series (2010), Kingdom series (2012) and Dialogue series (2013).

Suzlee Ibrahim graduated from the University Mara Institute of Technology (UiTM) campus in Shah Alam in 1987. He worked in advertising and publishing companies before starting to teach for a total of 16 years at UiTM, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Intan, and teaching fulltime in 2009 at the National Academy of Arts Culture and Heritage (Aswara). He received the Anugerah Citra Kencana by UKM in 2011. He has been actively involved in the art scene with his participation in numerous associations such as Persatuan Pelukis Malaysia (1990), Angkatan Pelukis Semenanjung (1997) and most recently The International society of Assemblage and Collage Artists, Colarado, United States of America (2012). He has a number of awards such as In Recognition of Outstanding Creative Excellence, Emaar International Art Symposium, Dubai (2005) and the International Honarary Artistic Committee Award in Greece (2007). He has participated in more than 500 group exhibitions across the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. He has held more than 22 solo shows in 26 years at home and abroad including his first solo titled Movement Series I which was held at Shah Alam Gallery in 1998 and Movement Series III in Leicester, England in 2000.