Lot 060

b. Indonesia, 1976


Signed and dated 'XXVIV8 NW 09/08' (lower left)
Acrylic on canvas
150cm x 200cm

Private Collection, Indonesia.

ESTIMATE  RM 8,000 - 12,000


Nano Warsono entered Indonesia Institute of Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta in 1995 majoring in sculpture. With Jepara woodcarving as his background, he is proficient both in sculpting wood and also visual ornamentation. Comics have always been his love since junior high school and comics were his first encounter with visual art. To Nano, comics are not merely visual art, but a medium for storytelling, moral education and philosophy. To him, the role of an artist is not only to produce the world’s quirkiness but to also unravel the truth. Art is not only a game of visual form and characterisation, but of ideas and concepts. A successful artist has to be able to combine these elements into his works.

The story of superhero like Batman, Superman or Spiderman, which are popular figures in comics world for decades, has inspired Nano Warsono to produce his own superhero story on his canvas. As depicted in the present lot, Nano’s portrayal of Jesus as a superhero in the scene where green and devilish Mickey Mouse is threatening Pluto who looks scared, and yet secured as he is within the reach of Jesus’ hands. Nano is apparently rewriting the story of salvation in Christianity that believes through Jesus’ wounds and death (as resembled in the crown of thorns that Jesus is wearing) people will be saved.

Nano Warsono has been actively participating in numerous group exhibitions in Indonesia, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, France and the USA . In 2009, Nano showcased his works in two solo shows in the Art Seasons, Singapore and Langgeng Art Gallery, Magelang, Indonesia.