Lot 048

b. Perak, 1975


Signed and dated 'MEME 2011', titled 'The fallen' (lower left)
Acrylic on canvas
149cm x 149cm

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur.

Entranced and Terrified by the Strange Women and
Their Macabre Stories
, Taksu Gallery, Singapore, 2011.

ESTIMATE  RM 8,000 - 12,000

The art of Khairul Azmir Shoib is a cross between Tim Robbins and Marc Chagall with elements of Tim Burton’s surreal characters. His vivid imagination results in the creation of magical works inspired by fantasies and fairy-tales. “My works are based on my interest in children’s books and stories, especially fairy tales. My childhood was filled with memories of Star Wars movies, fairy tales by Hans Christian Anderson and the Brother Grimm. I also include magical events from the Qu’ran as well as paranormal events that my family has experienced,” said Meme, as the artist is popularly known.

The work, The Fallen, is a whimsical allegory of life’s journey fraught with imponderables, with the pointed-head, beaknosed female face latching onto a boat with a fluttering ensign in abeyance and the winding-up road. Is she the guardian angel or the female fatale, controlling one’s journey or providing a stabilising force? The work has been described as “a silent conversation between the corporeal and the ethereal world.” Khairul Azmir Soib gained recognition in 1999 when he received the Shah Alam Gallery’s Incentive Award in its Open Show. He also won the First and Third Prizes in the gallery’s drawing competition the same year. His biggest triumph was when he won the Juror’s Award in the Young Contemporary Artists competition organised by the National Art Gallery in 2005. He graduated with a BA of Fine Arts at the Universiti Mara Institute of Technology in 2000 and a Masters in Fine Art and Technology in 2004. In 2000, he won the Consolation Prize in the Expression of Beautiful Selangor competition. In 2004, he won the First prize in life-drawing and Third Prize for figure-drawing in a competition at the National Art Gallery. His first solo, Fairieality by Meme, was held in 2006 which he followed up with Post-Gothic Dreams in 2009.