Lot 029

b. Johor, 1950


Inscribed 'Rhythm & Natural' 'Mengkuang Titi' on reverse
Mixed media on canvas
106cm x 170cm; diptych, 106cm x 85cm each

Private Collection, Kuala Lumpur;
acquired directly from the artist.

ESTIMATE  RM 35,000 - 50,000

This diptych from Yusof Ghani’s Hijau series thrives on the energy of strong movements and the element of change. It is a conflict between man and nature with strong winds whipping up a roaring force agitating everything in its path and yet seeming to collude in a grand dance of nature. A vibrant display of kinetic life movement with great slithers of yellow against a bluish green backdrop accentuated with dark mysterious shadows. The diagonal slant from right to left seems boxed in a lozenge which keeps everything in rein. The title, Mengkuang Titi meaning Pine Bridge, is a name of a place - a village in Province Wellesley in mainland Penang near Mengkuang Dam - a place that was once a vast tract of agricultural land for paddy, palm oil, rubber and coconut trees. Yusof Ghani’s Hijau extends from 1998 to 2002 before he returned to the suggestive human forms in Segerak. It is a series exclusively about nature with its kaleidoscope of colours, shapes, patterns, moods and play of light – a departure from his more confrontational works loaded with socio-political comment. One of his memorable works titled Alam, presented in nine panels measuring a total of 153cm x 1,098cm is also conceived from the Hijau series.
Yusof Ghani was awarded a scholarship to study at George Mason University, USA. He graduated with a BFA (Graphic Art) in 1981 and pursued his MFA (Fine Art) at Catholic University in Washington in 1983. Before his American studies, he had worked as an artist-illustrator (Agriculture Ministry, 1967), an instructor (Fisheries Institute, Penang, 1971) and a graphic artist (RTM, 1977). On his return, he lectured at the Universiti MARA Institute of Technology.