Lot 002

Maamor Jantan
b. Kedah, 1961

Warung, 2013

signed and dated (lower right)
watercolour on paper
50 x 70cm

Private collection, Kuala Lumpur

ESTIMATE RM 4,000 – 7,000
Maamor Jantan produces vibrant watercolour paintings with captivating compositions of nature and dragonflies. Depicted in the scene is a tranquil village composed of a dynamic interplay of light and shadow. The artist depicts rows of food stalls including groups of people, evoking nostalgic memories of a village life that is harmonious, simple and peaceful.

In Malay art circles, he is known as Mr. Cakcibor (The Dragonfly Man), although everyone knows his name, Maamor Jantan. A protégé of Khalil Ibrahim, Maamor Jantan has come of his own through sheer diligence and practices. He would go all around the country to paint, often with his group of friends and at one time with Khalil himself. He has set a palette of mauve hues from light to darker (nocturnal scenes) with delicate transparency. Whether it is a Malay kampung scene, kenduri, fishing village, the country landscapes, his Cakcibor will be there, large and small. Mentored by Khalil in 1984 when he was an apprentice machinist, it took him nearly 30 years before he had his first solo, titled Figment Of Imagination at Universiti Malaya Art Gallery, in April 2014, showing some 150 works. He was a resident artist there, and also had a stint at Belanda Gallery in Langkawi. He is also from the core Conlay group of artists. He is also a musician, leading a traditional keroncong (Malay orchestra) group which even performs in Indonesia.