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Lot 14

b. Penang, 1981


Signed and dated ‘M. Shafarin 2010' lower right
Oil on canvas
86.5cm x 96.5cm

Private collection, Kuala Lumpur

ESTIMATE  RM 6,800 - 7,500

M. Shafarin Ghani began his journey into fine art 16 years ago, teaching himself about painting, music and literature through books and research. At 16, he had his first group exhibition and a year later his first solo, Oeuvre of Movement No. 1 in 2010. His chosen subject matter of seascapes reflects his absorption with classical music, especially by Ludwig van Beethoven and he describes his paintings as undulating harmonious sounds singing in the mind and vivid colours flowing in the eyes. Using a chiaroscuro technique that has been used by illustrious artists such as Rembrandt, Shafarin’s paintings have an aura of dramatic atmosphere that are stirring and affecting to our inner psyches. His emotive works have granted him numerous exhibitions since 1997 at galleries such as the Penang State Art Gallery, Galeri Seni Mutiara and Core Design Gallery while also exhibiting abroad in Thailand in 1999.

Upon looking at this piece, it is obvious that Shafarin has managed to bring seascapes to a completely new level. The work conjures feelings of awe for the thunderous and powerful nature of waves, bringing to mind the force and energy of stirring musical pieces such as those produced by Beethoven. Composed with a profusion of dark shadow, the waves appear from a seemingly boundless void and are brought to the fore through highlights while the diffusion of light emerges through the darkness. Full of verve, the painting is like a visualisation of the sound of music, the undulation of the wave and the suggestion of fathomless depth gives form to unseen melodies; compelling audiences to become fully immersed in the ambience of this imagined sea and illusory swells of music.

Oeuvre of Movement No. 1, Core Design Gallery, Kuala Lumpur,
2010, illustrated in catalogue.